Track and manage multiple RSVPs accross
any event range

Perfect for: events, conferences, corporate, weddings, dinner parties, galas and award ceremonies


Customised invitations

Create RSVP campaigns to invite people to your event(s). Campaigns can collect comprehensive registration data or simple yes/no responses. Invitees can be imported via spreadsheet or entered manually.

Manage multiple campaigns easily with at-a-glance overview statistics and status updates.



Every RSVP campaign has its own unique set of message templates giving you the ability to customise the invitation design, layout and message content. As well as email invitations, you can also send out reminder emails to those who haven't responded to an invitation request.

Create a customised email that is automatically sent to invitees who accept your invitation with additional information about your event.


Monitor your campaigns

Each campaign comes with its own unique statistics, including a detailed list of the invitees and their invitation status, as well as exportable reports and search filters, helping you to keep complete track of your campaign(s).

Get a detailed break-down of your campaign with charts, graphs and invitee status notifications.


Perfect for many different events

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