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A customisable messaging system that automatically sends email notifications to both administrators and registered members. Email message templates are also configurable.

Payments and billing

Mix Events Platform uses the popular payment gateway Stripe to process credit card transactions. Over 1 million businesses use Stripe to manage their payments and account set-up is simple.

Printable tickets

Offer printable tickets or badges that attendees can take to your event. Each ticket or badge comes with a unique barcode and QR code that can be used to verify tickets or check-in attendees.

Bookings and registrations

Manage every aspect of your event with a simple-to-use and intuitive admin interface. Modify bookings, create tickets and packages, monitor your event through advanced searches, export reports, and more.

Early bird rates and discounts

Create tickets and ticket packages with various configurable options. Flexible pricing options allows for the creation of early-bird rates and free tickets. Packages allow for the creation of fixed-price ticket bundles.

Sponsors management

Add sponsors to your website with an easy-to-use admin interface that automatically generates a sponsorship page and dedicated web page for each sponsor. Add images, descriptions, social media links, website addresses and more.

Run multiple or single events

Whether running one event or multiple events, Mix Events Platform is scalable to accommodate your needs. Run multiple events concurrently or at specific dates.

Schedule and sessions

A full-featured scheduling system allows you to tell site visitors exactly what to expect at your event. Add speakers, sessions, multiple days, and even break-out sessions for when multiple sessions are running at the same time.

Speaker content management

Create speaker pages including profiles and social media links. Link speakers to the agenda page and easily sort how speakers are listed on your website.

Content management

With Mix Events Platform, you can easily create, edit and publish content on your website. Structure your content the way you want it. Make edits without breaking your site’s design.


Easily create and export detailed reports in a variety of formats with advanced filtering options to get the information you need; bookings, registrations, invoices and more.

Password protected website

Make your events private with member-only website access; allow some pages to be visible to non-members, or privatise your entire website.

Data imports

You own your data which can only be accessed by you. We provide a hosted and managed service for customers. A disaster recovery process is in place.

Hosting and security

Data security has never been as important as it is today, we go beyond the minimal requirements to ensure that our clients’ data is safe at the physical, network, host and application level.

Newsletter sign-ups

As well as sending automatic emails, such as when a member registers or makes a booking, the Mix Events Platform allows you to send out customised emails en masse at any time using a variety of different criteria.

Mass mailing

Send emails to multiple recipients at once with customisable messages. Bookers, Attendees and registered Members can be chosen, and filters allow for even more fine-grained mail targeting.

Mailing list subscriptions:

Collect mailing list subscriptions on your website and send customised emails such as newsletters or updates about your events(s).

Attendee custom fields

Choose what information you collect from event attendees with custom fields. Many field types are supported, and each event can be specifically-tailored with different custom fields.

Member custom fields

Collect from registered users with custom fields. With public profiles, you can also choose to display some or all of this information to site visitors.

Public profiles

Let people see who is attending your event and control what information to display to site visitors. Members can update their profiles and make their profiles public or private. Public Profiles are an optional feature.

Import members

Create member accounts automatically by importing members via spreadsheet. Each member will automatically receive an activation email to finalise the registration process.


Campaigns can collect registrations or simple yes/no responses. Invitees can be imported via spreadsheet or entered manually. Campaigns include detailed statistics and reports.


Create surveys to collect information from visitors or site members. Surveys can be public or member-only. Set optional closing dates or submission limits. Survey responses can be exported in various formats.

Attendee checkin

Keep track of the attendees at your event by scanning the barcode on the ticket and entering the unique code in the administration area of your website. Both check-in and check-out times can be recorded.


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